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Double Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Double Bonus video poker is very common for one reason: it is a standard game of poker, but with larger payouts for particular hands. If you are interested in not learning the rules of more advanced video poker variations, you should consider getting involved with Double Double Bonus. Additionally, the money that you can win if you obtain certain hands will definitely keep you coming back time after time.

As mentioned above, Double Double Bonus is a standard video poker game. This means that you will be playing with a 52 card deck, and all of the standard hands apply. This includes hands from the Royal Flush down to a pair, and of course, everything in between.

Now that you know the basics of Double Double Bonus, it is important to be aware of which hands will pay out more than normal. High payouts are available for the following hands: four aces in combination with any two, three, or four; four two’s, three’s, or four’s in combination with an ace, two, three, or four; four aces; four of a kind using two’s through king’s.

It is important that you always remember the hands that payout a higher amount. After all, if you have the chance to chase one of these hands, you will definitely want to go for it. Remember, playing Double Double Bonus is all about the chance to win more than a standard game of video poker. It is the hands that are listed above that will give you the chance to do so.

Overall, Double Double Bonus is a great video poker game because it is based on standard rules, but offers the ability to win extra money if you put together certain winning hands.

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