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Welcome to Video Poker Dude. We have collected a wide range of video poker information for you. This includes information about individual games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild as well as history, strategy and video poker casino details. We have included links to the left to most of the main sections on the Video Poker Dude web site, so just follow any of them to find more information. Other pages of the site are linked from these pages, particularly the site map page.

Video poker is a very popular game for those who like to play slots and amongst casino players who understand the need to play casino games that offer the smallest house edge to the casino. Games like 9/6 Jacks or Better and Pick 'em Poker offer the casino less than a half percent edge. This means that they offer the best chance for a winning session and an opportunity to extend your play based on your bankroll. To reach these percentages of return you will have to play good video poker strategy. This is one of the main goals of Video Poker Dude. To help you become the best video poker player you can.

Most of the popular video poker machines are listed in the links above to the left. Other popular games include

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