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Loose Deuces Video Poker

Loose Deuces is anything but your standard video poker game. There are subtle variances that make this game different from the others that you will come across. With that being said, Loose Deuces is not more difficult to learn. As long as you are in the right frame of mind and pay attention to the rules, you will not have any problems catching onto how Loose Deuces is played.

Generally speaking, there is one very important rule to keep in mind when playing Loose Deuces. That being that the twos are wild cards. In other words, when you receive a two you can use it as any other card. This obviously gives you more chances to win; especially if you end up with more than one two in your hand. This is quite similar to other video poker games in which jokers or sevens are wild.

Loose Deuces also offers special payouts for particular hands. For instance, you will win more money if you obtain four twos, five of a kind, or a Wild Royal with twos. Any of these three hands will put a bit of extra money in your pocket.

Just like most video poker games, getting started with Loose Deuces is simple. Now that you know the basics of the game, you can move on with playing. Most land based and online casinos have some variation of Loose Deuces to choose from. Upon putting money into the machine and choosing a bet, you will begin to play. As long as you remember that all the two are wild, you will not have any issues.

Loose Deuces is a popular five card video poker game. With the ability to use the twos as a wild card, your chances of winning are great. Now that you know the rules of Loose Deuces, it is time to get started!

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