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Video Poker Strategy

Are you interested in playing video poker? If so, you should know that your strategy will be different than if you were playing with friends at a table. The fact of the matter is that video poker is much different than other variations of the game. After all, there is nobody else playing with you. The only competition is between you and the video poker machine that you have selected. Although there are a few things that you can do as far as strategy is concerned, you need to remember that winning at video poker is based on some luck as well. Even if you have a great playing strategy, bad cards will bury you every time.

The most important part of your video poker strategy is to know which hands you can form. With this knowledge it will be easier for you to determine what is developing in front of your face. Remember, with this game you only have the chance to hold cards and draw new ones one time. If you discard the wrong cards, you will find it more difficult to win.

There are many video poker charts that will help you to devise a strategy. In fact, you will come across many that are for beginners as well as some for advanced players. Each video poker strategy chart lists out the possible winning hands. Once you learn how to read the chart, you will be able to compare your hand and in turn make the play that will give you the best probability of success. If you play video poker enough, you will be able to memorize this card and play each hand quickly and efficiently.

If you want to play video poker, take the time to learn which strategy to use. Once you become familiar with a basic video poker chart, you will have a better chance of winning.


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