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Bonus Deuces Video Poker

When it comes to fun and exciting video poker variations, Bonus Deuces is one of the best. While all video poker games have a lot of benefits to offer, Bonus Deuces is a bit different. After all, this is anything but your standard video poker game. With that being said, it does not take a genius to learn how to win at this game. In fact, anybody who has experience with the game of poker will find that Bonus Deuces is easy to learn. Even if you are a beginner, you should be able to pick up on this game in no time at all.

So what is it that makes Bonus Deuces different than other variations of video poker? Simply put, the two’s can be used as wild cards. In other words, if you receive a two you can use it as any card that you please. As you can imagine, this is like having four jokers in the deck. The more two’s that you have in your hand the better chance there is that you will take home a large jackpot when everything is said and done.

The actual game play of Bonus Deuces is not hard to pick up on. Like all video poker games, you will start out by placing your bet. If you want to win the largest possible jackpots you need to bet the maximum amount of coins. Upon placing your bet, you will be dealt five cards. Upon examining them, make sure that you remember that the deuces are wild. For this reason, you always want to hold any two’s that you receive. Finally, you can discard the cards that you do not want and receive new ones. At this point, the machine will tell you if you are a winner or loser.

Bonus Deuces is a great video poker game. As long as you remember that the two’s are wild, you will not have any problems playing this game.

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