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Joker Poker Video Poker

Joker Poker is a popular video poker machine that has become a favorite of many gamblers both online and off. Although this game is not as common as more standard issue video poker variations, it has definitely made a name for itself over the years.

Just like most video poker games, there are many ways that you can win with Joker Poker. While some winning combinations pay better than others, anytime you win you should be happy. The best hand that you can get with Joker Poker is a Natural Royal Flush. When you bet the maximum amount, if you are lucky enough to get a Natural Royal Flush you will get paid 4,000 coins. This spans all the way down to the lowest hand of Kings or Better which only pays five coins. Of course, there are many winning hands between the top and the bottom.

When playing the game of Joker Poker, you need to be aware of one important detail: there will be one joker thrown into a standard deck of 52 cards. If you receive this joker, you can use the card as any other. As you can imagine, the more that you get the joker the better chance you have of winning. The ability to use this joker makes the game much more exciting and enjoyable. And of course, it also gives you an added chance of success.

Joker Poker is a great video poker game. You will have the chance to play with standard rules, while also waiting for the chance to put the joker to good use. And as mentioned above, the payouts for Joker Poker are quite high. If you are lucky enough to put together a Natural Royal Flush or other high hand, you will take home quite a bit of money.

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