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Aces and Eights Video Poker

Single deck Aces and Eights video poker is a popular game among gambling enthusiasts. If you are interested in video poker, but are tired of the same old variations, you should give Aces and Eights a try. The rules are a bit different than those of standard video poker, but you should not have any problems catching on. And since this is as video poker game, you can take your time until you know exactly what you are doing.

Perhaps the most talked about benefit of Aces and Eights video poker is the fact that payouts of up to 20,000 coins are not uncommon. When you compare this to the payout for other video poker games, it is easy to see that Aces and Eights offers the most potential profit. For most players, this is a huge benefit. After all, you might as well bet your money with a game that offers the biggest possible return.

Microgaming offers an online version of Aces and Eights that leads the industry. In addition to fast play, this version of the game is also easy to follow thanks to clear and to the point graphics. When you are playing Aces and Eights from Microgaming you will never have to worry about being held up by clunky technical issues or graphics. This is important to video poker players because concentration at all times is of the utmost importance. When you are worrying about technical issues you are not paying attention to the task at hand. Luckily, with Aces and Eights this is never a problem.

After you play this 52 card video poker game a few times, you will surely catch onto what it has to offer. Even if you do not make Aces and Eights your favorite video poker game, you will want to give it a try from time to time. The large payouts alone are reason enough to play Aces and Eights anytime you get a chance. After all, if you hit it big one time you will take home huge earnings!

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